Data Processing Services


Our data processing experts hold great amount of experience in dealing with various data processing needs as listed below.

  • Data Cleaning / Validation
  • Verbatim Coding.
  • Tabulations
  • Charting

Specialty Data Processing Services

Data Cleaning / Validation

Includes basic sanity & advanced checks like :

  • IP Duplicity / Geo-IP checks
  • Survey or specific question’s duration check for speeding
  • Straight-lining and cross pattern checks
  • Response validity checks
  • Cross-question outlier checks
  • Verbatim response quality / relevance check
  • ‘Don’t Know’ proportions check
  • Trap / Red-herring question checks
  • Data penetration / mean check
  • Data redundancy and superfluous data removal, identifying and fixing data inconsistencies (de-rotation, etc.),
  • Quota mapping and Trackers comparison
Creation of tables using data from various formats (ASCII, Excel, SPSS or any other custom format), weighting and graphical presentation of Tables in various formats as desired by clients
Verbatim Coding

Capability to develop code – frames and coding for both quantitative & qualitative projects:

  • Full verbatim coding
  • Brand response coding
  • Experience in coding across all major Verticals
  • Develop code frames as per client specification
Automation of reports for tracking studies, customized as per client templates, manual chart population etc.

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