B2B Panel


B2B Panels engage approximately half a million respondents in 29 major economies. Deep profiling information is available that updates on quarterly basis. B2B Panels are maintained with great care and higher interaction levels for higher research data yields with better overall value.

  • “Invite-Only” recruited Panel
  • Double Opt-in recruitment (Online or/and Mobile based)
  • Verification via Telephone and Web Directories
  • 6 Specialty Panels
  • In-Depth Business Firmographic profile
  • Profiles updated Quarterly

Speciality Business(B2B) Panels


Explicit Panel of over 82,000 C-Suite Respondents across 20 geographies(26K each in Americas and Europe and 30K in APAC region).

Over 12,000 respondents in $500 Million+ revenue sized companies.

Distinctive Incentive offers for higher Response Rates

Mass Affluent, HNWIs & Ultra-HNWIs

One of the deeply profiled panels with over 120,000 respondents worldwide.

Approx. 80% of respondents are extracted out of Top levels business executives/owners etc.

HNWI panelists comprises of Individuals with investable/liquid assets of more than USD 100K

Capability of profiling Ultra-HNWIs within the same targets


Our strongest B2B Panel of 220,000 IT Decision makers in 23 countries (74K in Americas, 65K in Europe and 82K in APAC).

Capability of targeting specific IT Product/Services’ Decision Maker

Conduct approximately 100,000 surveys annually with this panel group

Marketing DMs

Roughly 60,000 panelists spread over 20 countries.

21K respondents in Americas, 17K in Europe and 23K in APAC regions.

Over 40% panelists titled directors and above level

Finance DMs

Over 95,000 panelists covering 23 countries.

32K respondents in Americas, 29K Europe and 33K in APAC regions.

Approx. 45% respondents are Director or senior levels

Human Resource DMs

Approx. 50K panelists classified globally in 17 countries.

18K respondents in Americas, 15K Europe and 18K in APAC regions.

Decision Makers are further profiled on their specific areas of decision making like Recruitment, Payroll/Benefits, Compliance, Talent management, Training & Development etc.

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