Study Type

Study Type

Sample Only


USA, UK, Canada and France
Sample Size

Sample Size

Target Group

Target Group

ITDM's/ITI's and BDM's


Our client was keen to understand the roles and responsibilities of the ITDM’s/ITI’s and BDM’s in their respective companies/ organizations.

    • ITDM's - Technical decision makers in an organization with 25-249 PC's
    • BDM's - Business decision makers in an organization with 250+ PC's
    • IT Implementers - Someone who services/manages desktop PC's in an organization.
  • The target group was ITDMs and IT professionals and BDM’s among various employee size companies with quotas on 25-249 PC's, and 250+ PCs.
  • The targeting criteria includes respondents from IT industries only and requires decision makers/ influencers who have decision making authority for solutions within their organization.
  • The required sample size of each week’s given was different.


  • The client had an honesty detector algorithm in place which helped differentiate the responses as honest and dishonest within the survey.
  • Maintaining the honesty rate was challenging as the dishonesty scale varied in each market which we could only gauge once in field.
  • Sample deployment across time zones.


  • A stringent pre-screener was in place to ensure that only respondents who cleared quality check were allowed to participate.
  • Identified samples were deployed as well as recruitment and profiler exercises were conducted across markets covering the targeting parameters.
  • As this was a niche audience, a thorough track on the sample out-go was maintained and with close monitoring of the progress large samples were deployed at regular intervals.
  • High incentives were provided to improve the response rate and lower the dropout rates
  • Regular project updates were shared with clients to ensure appropriate actions and sampling structure.


Successfully delivered 680 completes across all markets mentioned above with high honesty levels across markets.